Robinwood Dental Coronavirus Policies

Your safety and the safety of our staff is of utmost importance to Robinwood Dental.

At Robinwood Dental, the safety of our patients and our staff is our top priority. We continue to practice Covid safety guidelines at both our Hagerstown and Middletown locations. For more information, please read through the step below.

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

  • With the implementation of new, strenuous infection control protocols—more time is needed for each appointment. As a result, options and availability for appointment times will be more restricted. We apologize in advance if we can’t be as accommodating of your appointment requests, but our first priority is making sure we have adequate time to treat our patients in a safe environment.
  • Our Hagerstown location currently has a “virtual” waiting room. You call or text us from your car when you arrive in the parking lot. Please wait in your vehicle until we respond and notify you that you are clear to enter the office. Specific instructions for how to utilize the virtual waiting room will be provided at a time closer to your appointment.
  • At our Middletown location the waiting room is open. You are welcome to enter at any time to check in for your appointment in person. A COVID screening questionnaire will be texted to you prior to your scheduled appointment time. We ask that you please complete this questionnaire before entering the office.
  • All of the RDC team members will be wearing masks, and we ask that you wear a mask as well. If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one.
  • ONLY patients with an appointment will be allowed into the office, unless the patient is a minor child. If you choose to do so, ONE parent or guardian will be permitted to accompany a minor child to their appointment. NO SIBLINGS will be permitted.
  • We take the temperatures of every patient (and staff member) to ensure that no one in the office is running a fever. Additionally, we will have a short coronavirus questionnaire that all patients, as well as our staff, need to complete. This questionnaire will be sent to you via text or email the day before your appointment. Please be prepared to answer the questions again immediately prior to your appointment.
  • Prior to beginning any dental procedure, you will be asked to swish with a special mouth rinse. Studies show this can decrease potential viruses and bacteria in your mouth.
  • Our treatment rooms are disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants, which has always been our infection control standard.
  • We will continue to sterilize all of our instruments in hospital-grade autoclaves, which use extreme heat and pressure to kill all viruses and bacteria.
  • You may notice our staff, hygienists and dentists wearing more protective equipment than you may be used to. ALL staff will wear masks in the hallways and at the front desk. However, the clinical staff will also be wearing face shields and may even wear a N-95 respirator mask, depending on what procedure is being performed during your appointment.
  • Plexiglass barriers are now present at the check-out areas. However, we will make every attempt to shorten the time spent at check-out by verifying insurance and updating your personal information over the phone prior to your appointment. Additionally, we will try to schedule future appointments and answer your questions in the operatory so that your time spent at the check-out desk will be as brief as possible.
  • All common areas and frequently-touched surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant regularly throughout the day. Items directly touched by patients – such as credit card machines—will be disinfected after each patient use.

We are very serious about protecting your health. You can trust that our staff will take every measure possible to provide for your safety and peace of mind.