Top 10 Signs You Need Braces

Don’t miss these clues that you need orthodontic help.

  1. Do your upper front teeth protrude excessively over your lower teeth?
  2. Do your upper front teeth cover the majority of your lower teeth when you bite together? (deep bite)
  3. Are your upper front teeth behind or inside your lower front teeth? (underbite)
  4. Do your upper and lower front teeth not touch when you bite together? (open bite)
  5. Are teeth crowded, or do they overlap each other?
  6. Do the centers of your upper and lower teeth fail to line up?
  7. Is there difficulty chewing?
  8. Are teeth wearing unevenly or excessively?
  9. Does your lower jaw shift to one side or the other when you bite together?
  10. Do you see spaces between the teeth?

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